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A New Trend is coming in the market “Online Booking & Rental Mobile App”

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The technology is changing the way of our living at a breakneck speed. Also, the users demand and requirements growing parallelly with technology. Mobile apps playing a major role in terms to satisfy users needs and requirements in this busy world. Mobile apps making users day-to-day life simpler and easier and provide them the ease of accessibility from anywhere and anytime. The users need everything at their fingertips whether it’s a matter of booking flights or booking a hotel room.

In order to provide an effortless experience to the users to schedule their appointments with Doctor’s, booking a taxi, and booking a hotel room, KnowBand launched it’s PrestaShop Booking and Rental Mobile App for users so that they can do all these things right from their fingertips. With PrestaShop rental app builder, the users don’t need to stand out in long queues for appointments. Now, they can schedule appointments with Doctor, Hire a taxi, and book their desired hotel before actually going out. Also, the store admin can set the base price for products which will display on the front-end of the mobile app. The final price will be adjusted according to the price created by store admin from back-end.

PrestaShop online booking app by KnowBand provides four types of product services:

  1. Appointment Scheduling.
  2. Hourly/Daily Rental Services.
  3. Hotel Room Booking.

Let’s discuss this product & services in a bit detail:

  1. Appointment Scheduling:

What’s suit you better going out physically to schedule appointment with Doctor or fix your appointment from your home? You definitely love to go out physically right? Jokes apart, we all prefer to schedule appointments from our home. KnowBand took the initiative to provide you an effortless experience and save your precious time. With PrestaShop doctor appointment app, the users can schedule their appointments with Doctor’s from their mobile devices and choose the desired time slot provided by store admin. The users can book the date and timing slot as per their requirements. So, are you ready to feel this seamless experience?

  1. Daily/Hourly Rental:

Now, timing cannot stop you to explore the place. Whether it’s a 5:00 AM in the morning or 9:00 PM the users can hire services from anywhere and anytime. But, how easy it can be to do this? Well, PrestaShop car rental app development extension allows users to hire a taxi on a daily/hourly rental basis from their mobile device. So, now if you stuck somewhere or you want to explore the place open our Booking and Rental mobile app and start exploring the area without any tension. The users can book a taxi for the day and for hourly basis in the most effortless way.

  1. Hotel Room Booking

Planning a vacation or trip to somewhere? Planned this trip in the most perfect way. Now, the users can easily book their desired hotel rooms and set their Check-in and Check-out time before actually step out from their home. The users can also avail the benefits of facilities provided by store admin. PrestaShop hotel app builder extension allows users to plan their holiday trip in advance without any hassle. Also, the users can book the hotel rooms according to the member they are going for trip.

Top Benefits of Booking App Builder

  1. Effortless Sign-in/Registration: No need to create multiple accounts because our PrestaShop Booking App comes with Google+ & Facebook login options which allow app users to sign-in into the store with just one-click.

Tired from filling out lengthy registration forms? Well, no need to waste your time anymore. Now, the users can quickly register themselves by just entering the OTP(One-time Password) which sent to their phone number. Also, the fingerprint login allows users to set up their fingerprint on the app and register in just a few moments.

  1. Customizable Screen Layout: PrestaShop hotel booking app builder extension offers a flexible screen layout on the mobile app. The store admin can provide better look and feel to the app by adding multiple banners & sliders on it. This will easily attain the attention of your users.

  2. Easy Inventory Management: PrestaShop rental app builder offers an effortless store inventory management. It syncs the data between web store & mobile app which means the store merchant doesn’t need to manage things manually. All the changes will automatically revert back on the mobile app automatically.

  3. Better Branding: Now, the store admin can promote his store in the most easiest way by showcasing the brand logo on the mobile app to the huge audience. When your brand is present every time on the user’s device then it’s impossible to forget your company name.

  4. WhatsApp & Zendesk Chat Support: In-built Zendesk & WhatsApp chat support connect app users to store admin 24*7. Now, the store admin can resolve the issues of app users quickly.

  5. Multiple Language & RTL Support: It’s time to take your business to global platform with our PrestaShop booking & rental mobile app. It supports multiple languages along with RTL writing style Arabic, Urdu, etc.

  6. Payment & Shipping Method Support: All major payment methods will be supported on the mobile app like PayPal, PayU, Stripe etc. Also, all sorts of shipping methods like FedEx, Store Pickup, USPS, etc are supported on the mobile app.

  7. Push Notifications: Interaction with your users is fun now. Now, the store admin can send personalized push notifications to app users and catch their attention by sending a catchy push message. Push notifications like product availability or price drop alert notifications are one of the best ways to boost the engagement and conversion of your store.

  8. All Coupons & Voucher Support: All sorts of coupons & vouchers support on the mobile app. So, you can motivate your users to avail the running discount and offers by applying coupons & vouchers on it.

  9. All Product Type Support: All sorts of products like single, grouped, virtual, bundled, configurable are supported on the mobile app.

  10. Layered Navigation: Multiple product filters make easy for users to find their product easily without any hassle.

  11. Wish-list: Inbuilt wish-list functionality allows app users to save their desired product in their wish-list bag for future purchase.

  12. Order Tracking: Nowadays, order tracking becomes a must-have features on the mobile app. It gives them every single update to users related to their orders on their mobile device.

  13. Voice Search: Now, the app users don’t need to write the name of product in the searchbox, they can easily search the product by their voice command. This functionality is only available in Android platform & missing with iOS platform as of now.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps constantly changing the numbers of sales & revenue over-year-over. So, whether you are running a small business or large you have to shift your business to the mobile platform. Companies like OYO Rooms & MakeMyTrip are one such example of changing the growth rate.


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