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OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband

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The online store admin can now implement infinite scrolling on the website with the help of Knowband’s OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension. This feature-rich OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension allows the online store admin to make product navigation easy for the customers. The customers don’t need to change pages again and again for viewing products. They can view all the products on a single click.

Features of this OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module:

  1. With this OpenCart fast scroll extension, the online store admin can implement infinite scrolling on the eCommerce website.
  2. The store admin can enable or disable the functionality anytime from the admin interface of this Opencart infinite scrolling module.
  3. The online merchant can enter custom CSS and JS code from the admin interface of Opencart list view plugin for the advance look and feel management. 4.OpenCart endless scroll extension can show a message after showing all the products. 5.OpenCart Infinite Scroll module allows showing a button from which the customers can go back on the top of the website page.
  4. Admin can show/hide loader while product loading.
  5. Admin can implement infinite scroll or select “load more products link”. This way, the customers can click on the “load more products link” and view remaining products.
  6. Admin can enable sandbox settings for viewing the settings before implementing the functionality.
  7. The OpenCart endless scroll extension is mobile responsive and offers smooth functioning.
  8. Admin can set the look and feel of the message box and set the text for showing as a message.
  9. Opencart list product extension is multi-lingual compatible.
  10. There is no need to change even a single line of codes for implementing the functionality.
  11. Admin can also apply selector settings from the admin interface of this Opencart list view plugin.
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