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Knowband Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension :: Showcase Instagram Feed on your Shop

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How to add Instagram feed widget to your eCommerce store? No, we are not saying you to write a code. Knowband’s Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension provides you an effortless means to incorporate Instagram feeds at your store and entice the new online visitors towards your store. Insta Shoppable Gallery extension for Opencart is the perfect way to promote your site products without manually performing any action. You can add unlimited Instagram images and create a custom gallery for your eCommerce store. This gallery gives a Instagram feeling to your customers, like if they are checking the photos and videos on Instagram.

What all features are supported with Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension?

1.Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension showcases Instagram images and videos at your eCommerce store without any modifications to existing code.

2.Inetgration of Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery is based on single click installation process. The process doesn’t takes much time for its install and setup.

3.With Insta Shoppable Gallery extension for Opencart, you can display the photos and videos from Instagram on any section or page within your website in a desired layout or pattern.

4.Using Opencart Instagram Integration Extension, you can effortlessly create a beautiful Insta Gallery for your eCommerce store.

5.The Instagram Shop Gallery catches the attention of the online visitors and motivates them to purchase the similar items from the store. These related products can be pinned on the Instagram feeds.

6.Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension gives supports to all latest Opencart versions.

7.Opencart Instagram product tag feed module is compatible with different stores and languages.

8.The Instagram Shop gallery integrated using this Knowband module works perfectly on all mobile and tablet devices.

9.With Opencart Instagram Shop Extension, customers can view the insta gallery and shop for the related products at the same time.

10.The complete functionality of Opencart Instagram Integration Extension can be enabled or disabled on a single click at backend.

11.This Opencart Shoppable Instagram Feed module allows you fetch the feed directly from a specific Instagram profile. You have to specify the profile URL from the backend.

12.The look and feel of Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery can be customized from the backend of module.

13.With Opencart Instagram Extension, you can search and display Instagram photo and videos based on popular hashtags related to your business.

14.You can mark any Instagram photo as featured photo or video with Opencart Instagram product tag feed module.

15.Create unlimited tags to categorize the Instagram feeds with the help of this Insta Shoppable Gallery extension for Opencart. For every photo or video, you can specify the tag.

16.The display layout of complete Instagram gallery can be decided differently for each of the sites pages.

17.Opencart Instagram product tag feed module lets you show or hide the likes and comments along with the Instagram photos.

18.Opencart Instagram Shop provides a ‘Add to Cart’ button for every Insta image fetched and displayed on the frontend.

  1. Get more information about Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension on the provided links and improve the popularity of your Instagram profile among your online audience.
  4. Go to the product page of Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension:
  5. See Opencart Instagram Shop Gallery Extension user manual:
  6. Check admin demo:
  7. Check front demo:
  10. Get more information and assistance to all your product related queries at

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