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Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA

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Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA extension by Meetanshi helps secure Magento store from spammy bots using Google reCAPTCHA v3.

  1. Benefits of Magento Google Invisible reCAPTCHA:
  3. * Safeguard the Magento store from spammy bots and frauds.
  5. * Easily register with Google reCAPTCHA v3 at register with your domain name, accept the terms and conditions, and get the sitekey required for integration with Magento.
  7. * Set the threshold value for risk score and enable the least user friction for genuine
  9. * visitors with the risk score above the threshold value.
  11. * Enable reCAPTCHA on the various pages of your Magento 2 stores such as Customer Login page, Forgot Password Page, Contact Us page, Website registration page, Newsletter subscription, and Checkout Registration.
  13. * Option to add various form selectors to add recaptcha badge on forms.

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