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OpenCart Age Verification Extension By KnowBand

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There are many websites on the Internet that contain explicit content and only allowed to see by adults. So, if you own a website with explicit content and don't want to get indulged in any wrong practices, the OpenCart age verification module is the best solution and a must buy a module for you. With the help of the OpenCart Age Gate Pop-Up extension, sellers can verify the age of the customers before accessing the store. With the help of this, the OpenCart store merchant can restrict the immature audience and comply with the government rules and regulations.

Knowband offers OpenCart 18+ verification extension that enables sellers to filter out the immature audience by showcasing an age verification popup on the front-end of the website. The store visitors need to enter their age and they can only access the store if they are above 18 years of age. The OpenCart verification extension asks the customers to enter their age and after validating the age it allows the customers to access the store.

The OpenCart age verification popup is a feature-rich module and offers a simple implementation. With the help of this popup module, the store owner can set the popup title, description, logo, and theme from the admin interface of this age verify OpenCart module.

Salient Features offered by Opencart Age Verification module:

  1. The OpenCart age verification module allows the OpenCart admin to restrict online visitors below 18 years of age for accessing the store.
  2. The OpenCart age verification popup features an age verification popup on the OpenCart store to confirm the age of the user.
  3. The age verifies the OpenCart module allows admin to enable or disable the DOB field from the admin interface.
  4. Admin can set the age verification popup title, description in multiple languages via age verification OpenCart extension.
  5. The online store owner is been allowed to set the terms and conditions from the admin interface of the OpenCart 18+ verification extension. Customers can click on “terms and conditions” for viewing the details.
  6. Admin is been provided with an option to set the look and feel of age verification popup by OpenCart 18+ verification plugin.
  7. There are multiple themes available for the age verification OpenCart extension look and feel set up.
  8. The OpenCart Age Gate Pop-Up extension offers admin an option to preview the theme from the admin interface.
  9. The online store merchant can also select the location where he/she wants to show the age verification popup.
  10. There is no need to change codes from the admin interface for applying age verification functionality via OpenCart verification popup.

Benefits for Admin:

  1. The OpenCart store merchant can easily download, install, configure and use this OpenCart age verification plugin without any coding knowledge and technicalities.
  2. The online merchant can set the minimum age accordingly required to access the website.
  3. The OpenCart 18+ verification plugin allows admin to set a logo from the admin interface. This option enables admin to change the look and feel of the OpenCart website.
  4. The online merchant can also enter the URL for redirecting the store visitors if they close the age verification popup.
  5. The age verification OpenCart extension is multi-lingual compatible and compatible with all the themes of OpenCart.
  6. There is no need to change even a single line of coding in order to validate the age of visitors.
  7. There are 5 different themes available for setting the look and feel of the age validation popup.
  1. KnowBand’s OpenCart age verification module:
  4. KnowBand’s age verify OpenCart module Admin Demo:
  7. KnowBand’s OpenCart 18+ verification extension Front end Demo:
  10. KnowBand’s OpenCart Age Gate Pop-Up extension User Manual:
  13. KnowBand’s OpenCart age verification popup product video.:

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