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Knowband OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension - Optimise your site

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Are you aware of the fact that optimized content quickly loads on mobile and tablet devices? Knowband Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension for OpenCart is one effective way to load the website content quickly while improving the website performance. In today's world, it is important to understand the way we access the web information through smart devices. OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Module converts the site pages into accelerated mobile pages which take less time to load and generates more revenues for the eCommerce business. What all striking highlights are offered by OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension? Let us take a quick look at the features and benefits of AMP.

Features of Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension for OpenCart

  1. OpenCart AMP Module applies to different site pages including Homepage, Product page, Category page and other CMS pages of the eCommerce website.

  2. By incorporating Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) plugin, you can ensure faster loads and improves browsing experience to the users.

  3. AMP created using Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) plugin are faster to index and rank in Google search results. This way you can get low bounce rates for your store.

  4. With OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension, you can show a desired logo on the mobile pages and can also configure its size from the backend.

  5. The OpenCart AMP extension allows you to show or hide the GDPR cookie consent bar on the mobile pages of the website.

  6. Using OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Module, you can configure the look and feel of Google AMP version of your site. You can even add custom CSS and JS code from the back-office.

  7. You can separtely modify the AMP settings of the homepage, product page, category page and various other pages of the website.

  8. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) plugin provides a option to show new arrival products, featured products, best-sellers on the website homepage.

  9. OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension also allows you to fetch and disaply the videos from video sharing platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

  10. Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension for OpenCart lets you show the product short description, long description, product reviews and additional details on the product page on mobile site.

  11. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) plugin allows you to add menu items from the admin interface by selecting the parent menu item and category which can be added, updated and deleted anytime from the admin interface of this OpenCart AMP extension.

  12. This Accelerated Mobile Pages Extension for OpenCart shows social media icons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest on AMP pages.

  13. OpenCart AMP extension offers Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Facebook pixel for tracking the performance of AMP pages.

  14. For checking the front demo of OpenCart Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin, add AMP Validator Google Chrome extension in your web browser.

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