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OpenCart Auto Switch Language And Currency Extension By KnowBand

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The advancement of the eCommerce industry is not hidden anymore. People from different parts of the world are indulged in online shopping nowadays. The smart and handy technology makes these shoppers comfortable to buy anything from anywhere. However, despite having good internet connectivity, many shoppers are unable to buy their favorite products online as they are only comfortable in their regional language and currency. Being an OpenCart store owner makes you responsible to overcome this situation and offer your products and services to each and every customer globally.

KnowBand offers OpenCart Auto switch language and currency extension which makes sellers offer their products and services to every customer without any language and currency barrier. The OpenCart Auto convert language and currency extension automatically change the language and currency of the eCommerce store according to the customer’s location. The OpenCart auto switch language extension works by fetching the shopper’s location through the IP address of the customer’s gadget and changes the language and currency accordingly. With the help of this, customers can easily understand the product description in their native language and currency to go for instant purchase. Sellers can also leverage this opportunity by offering its products and services all over the world which resulted in a good amount of sales and profits.

Features of OpenCart Automatic language and currency converter:

  1. Fetch Country and region details: The OpenCart auto switch language takes summons customer’s IP address in order to fetch country and region details.

  2. View store-details: Admin can easily set language and currency for different countries. The customers can view the store details as per this set-up via OpenCart auto switch currency.

  3. Theme and SSL compatibility: The OpenCart auto switch language and currency Module offers theme compatibility and is SSL compatible too.

  4. Multilingual compatibility: The auto change language and currency plugin are Multi-lingual compatible.

Some other benefits offered by OpenCart Auto change currency are as follows:

  1. The store owner can implement this OpenCart module in order to implement the auto switching language and currency functionality.

  2. The OpenCart Auto change language plugin allows the store owner to activate or deactivate the language and currency switching separately.

  3. Admin can set language and currency for different countries.

  4. The OpenCart Auto change language module provides an option to set a common language and currency for all the countries.

  5. Admin just needs to set Language and Currency only a single time. It is a one-time process of language and currency set.

  6. The online users can view the store details in their own language and currency and go for instant purchase without any hassle via OpenCart Auto change language and currency.

  7. The customers can shop from the website without facing any language and currency-related problems.

If you find any difficulty during the configuration and customization of this extension, please contact us at [email protected]

  1. For more detailed information, you can have a look at the instructional video description:
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