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Prestashop eBay Integrator Extension by Knowband

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Today’s generation is more inclined towards advanced technology in their daily lives. This technology is been powered by the Internet that helps the consumers to meet their daily needs through online shopping. Online shopping is a big boom for the customers as they can dig through a wide range of products sold by thousands of sellers and buy their favorite ones.

Knowband has come up with a perfect solution to integrate the eBay Marketplace with your Prestashop store. With Prestashop eBay Integration Module by Knowband, the inventories and orders at the eBay Marketplace can be managed in a hassle-free manner. eBay is one of the largest Marketplace with millions of users visiting its site every day. eBay boosts the revenue of the small business owners as they get a chance to cater to the large audience of eBay. Prestashop eBay Integration Addon allows the store owner to manage the inventories, products, orders and shipping methods from the admin panel of the store. The admin need not visit the eBay Marketplace for the received order. Orders received from the Marketplace can be synced with the store and the updated order status can be synced with the Marketplace by executing the Cron jobs. Cron jobs can be executed from the backend of the Prestashop eBay Integration Plugin.

Key highlights of eBay Prestashop Integrator by Knowband:

  1. One-Click Integration: eBay PrestaShop integrator extension provides a one-click integration between the PrestaShop Store and the eBay Marketplace.

  2. Real-Time Synchronization: The real-time synchronization feature enables sellers to manage all the product listings on eBay from the backend of the integrator itself.

  3. Manage Inventory: Admin can manage all the inventory by making changes in the profile of the product from the backend of the integrator via the eBay PrestaShop Integrator plugin.

  4. Set up Cron Jobs: Admin can set up cron jobs to automate the syncing process with the help of the eBay PrestaShop integrator extension.

  5. Order Status Management: Admin can change the order status on Marketplace from the synchronization tab of the PrestaShop eBay Integration module.

  6. Bulk Uploading of Products: Admin can process bulk uploading of the products by mapping the categories of it’s store to the Marketplace by eBay PrestaShop connector.

  7. Track Errors: Admin can easily track all the errors that occurred while listing products on eBay via eBay PrestaShop integrator plugin.

  8. Add Multiple Shipping Methods: The eBay PrestaShop integrator plugin offers admin to add multiple shipping methods from the backend itself.

  9. Change Price Of The Product: Admin can list the products at increased or decreased prices at the Marketplace. Admin can also change the price of the products of a particular profile via the PrestaShop eBay integration extension.

  10. Update Shipping Lag Time: The eBay PrestaShop integrator extension allows admin to set and update the shipping lag time for the product to avoid order cancellations by not delivering them on time.

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Posted By: JordanTurnbull on February 6, 2019

This is a very convenient option. Integration is very profitable, and not very difficult to implement. I know that the site once carried out something similar and gave good audience growths.

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