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Knowband Magento Age Verification Popup | 18+ Age Verification Extension

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Magento Age Verification Extension by Knowband prevents underage users from accessing the site products and services. This Magento 18+ verification extension asks the visitors to verify their age and agree to some set of rules for accessing the site content. Once the age verification process is completed and the user checks the stated terms of conditions, they are allowed to enter into the website easily.

Key Features of Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension

  1. The age verification Magento extension prompts up a 18+ age verification popup asking the user to verify their age and agree to terms and conditions of the website.
  2. Magento 18+ verification extension offers multiple themes options for the age verification popup that are randomly displayed on the frontend.
  3. Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension offers flexibility to show or hide the DOB field provided over the age gate popup. If the DOB field setting is disabled by the admin then the user doesn’t require to verify their age for accessing the website.
  4. The admin can modify the various texts displayed over the age verification popup. This includes DOB field title and short description for the 18+ verification popup window.
  5. Using this Magento 18+ verification extension, admin can redirect the customers to a specific URL as they close the age verify popup window.
  6. With Magento verification popup module, admin can set an age limit which should be mandatory followed to view the site information.
  7. Magento age verification module displays a user content checkbox which refers to the terms and conditions stated by the website owner for allowing user access.
  8. Admin can change the content shown on the Terms and Conditions page with Magento verification popup extension.
  9. Magento age verification popup is customizable in accordance to website theme.
  10. Using this age verify Magento module, admin can set a custom logo image for the 18+ age gate popup.
  11. Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension provides multi-lingual support.
  12. The mobile responsive interface offered by Magento age verification popup extension makes it accessible on tablet and mobile devices.

Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension Benefits to e-merchants

  1. No coding skills are required to set up and configure this popup 18+ Magento module on the site.
  2. The functionality of age verification popup can be enabled or disabled on simply toggling the switch provided at the backend.
  3. Magento 18+ verification extension allows flexible feature customizations.
  1. Magento age verification module link:
  2. Magento age verification module user manual:
  3. Magento age verification module Admin demo:
  4. Magento age verification module Front Demo:
  6. For more queries or customization requests, feel free to ask at

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Posted By: LydiaBruce on February 2, 2019

Great! Thanks for this, I was thinking to make that kind of popup for your information is very helpful for my goal.

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