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Knowband Prestashop Dynamic Pricing Addon | Dynamic Price Calculator

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PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing addon by Knowband offers store customer the flexibility to customize their orders by simply selecting different product attributes on the product page. PrestaShop Dynamic Price management offers a dynamic eCommerce solution which allows merchants to create various price rules to calculate the final price for the customized product.

PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing Features

  1. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing extension allows e-merchant to create different price rules and formulas for the product customized by the customers
  2. Knowband' s Prestashop Customization Price Calculator automatically calculates the cost and weight for the customized order by the user.
  3. Admin can hide the customized weight shown on the product page using PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing module.
  4. PrestaShop Dynamic Product Price module lets you set the minimum and maximum price value for the customized product.
  5. The functionality of the PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing plugin is easy to enable/disable on a single button click.
  6. Admin can even the product quantity input which is shown to the user on the product page.
  7. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing addon gives an option to check final cost and weight for the custom order by enabling the Multiply Price and Weight By Quantity setting from backend.
  8. With PrestaShop Dynamic Price management, admin can effortlessly create, delete or update the existing price rule from the backend.
  9. PrestaShop Dynamic Product Price addon lets you set the priority of the price rule without any code efforts.
  10. Prestashop Customization Price Calculator lets you select various attribute and their values for final price calculation.
  11. Admin can select the field type for different customization attributes shown to the user at the product page. Some field types include Color Picker, Divider, Date, Text, Text Area etc.
  12. PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing module allows you to create a price formula, weight formula, quantity formula using various operators like +,-,*,/ etc
  13. PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing can be mapped to various products and categories.

PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing Admin Benefits

  1. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing extension is simple to install, enable, disable without any existing code configurations.
  2. With PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing, admin can create multiple price rules for different product fields.

PrestaShop Dynamic Product Pricing Customer Benefits

  1. Customers can easily customize their order by simply selecting the attribute values.
  2. Customization cost and weight is visible to the customer right on the same product page.
  3. The customers can view the total customized price for the desired product units.
  1. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing addon link:
  2. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing addon user manual:
  3. Admin Demo:
  4. Front Demo:
  5. Video Tutorial for PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing addon:
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