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Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by Knowband

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Looking for an app development solution to take your Magento store to the mobile app? Well, let me provide you with the best choice for the job. All the eCommerce store owners who have just migrated to Magento 2.x from Magento 1.x platform can take their website business to the mobile world.

There are various solutions available for that but I would suggest you go for the Magento 2 mobile app builder by Knowband. This is a pre-configured framework for the Magento 2 stores which converts your store into the native mobile apps. The Magento 2 mobile app creator is a non-coding solution which saves you from involving into any coding or technicalities for any change.

So, if you are from a non-technical background and want to enhance your business reach among the wide range of mobile users worldwide, this is your chance. Magento 2 mobile app builder even comes with various other beneficial features and functionalities as well. The major highlights are as follows:

  1. Bundle of themes and fonts A bunch of alluring themes and fonts are offered in Magento 2 mobile app builder extension. You can enhance the look and feel of your application.

  2. Tablet and mobile support The mobile apps built with Magento 2 mobile app maker supports all handheld devices in the apps. The mobile apps work flawlessly on every smartphone, tablet, iPhone, and iPad.

  3. Real-time synchronization The mobile apps created with Magento 2 mobile app maker forms a reliable connection between the apps and the website. All the changes made in the web-store inventory are instantly reverted on the mobile apps.

  4. Multi-lingual and RTL support The Magento 2 mobile app builder supports multiple languages in the mobile apps along with RTL writing support. This allows the store admin to expand their business on the global scale.

  5. All type of product support Regardless of your business type, the Magento 2 mobile app creator supports all types of products in the apps like the single, bundled, grouped, downloadable, configurable etc.

  6. Multiple shipping methods support Various shipping method available on your website is automatically supported on the mobile apps. This makes the product delivery process hassle-free for the store admin.

  7. Easy payment method integration The Magento 2 mobile app maker makes the payment method integration more seamless for the users. The store admin can choose any native payment method for their app over a fair amount of price. PayPal and COD payment options are available by default in the apps.

  8. Quick social login The Magento 2 mobile app builder provides Facebook and Google+ login options for easy login and registration in the apps. This even motivates the users to browse your store products.

  9. Uncluttered app interface The Magento 2 mobile app builder builds an app with the layered navigated interface. Various categorization along with multiple filters and sort options makes the app browsing easy for online shoppers.

  10. Voice search (For Android Users) Voice search functionality is available in the Android apps for easy product search with voice notes. This feature is missing for iOS platform as of now.

  11. Zopim chat support The mobile apps for Magento 2 stores inbuilt zopim chat in the mobile apps. The mobile apps allow the users to ask for support directly from the store admin.

  12. Coupons and voucher support All sorts of coupons and vouchers are supported in Magento 2 mobile app maker. Mobile coupons are a modern way of offering discounts and offerings to users.

  13. Simplified app checkout The simplified app checkout screen lets the users place the order without any hassle.

  14. Order tracking The pro-active order tracking feature let the user view the delivery status of previously placed orders.

  15. Unlimited push notifications The push notifications feature in the Magento 2 mobile app creator allows the store admin to promote their products among a wide range of mobile users.

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