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Magento Custom Registration Fields by Knowband

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Knowband’s Magento custom registration field extension allows store admin to add custom fields to registration pages. The online merchant can set the validation of custom fields from the admin panel of Magento custom registration form. The Magento Custom registration attributes extension supports custom attributes such as File, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Radio and checkbox. Customer in Magento Custom Fields module has to fill all the required fields available in the registration forms. Such information can be used by the merchant to know more about their customers and offer related deals to them.

Features offered by the Magento Custom Fields module:

• Magento Registration Fields extension offers a hassle-free installation and configuration. Technical knowledge of the merchant is not required to implement the functionality of this module.

• Activation and deactivation of the Magento custom registration form can be done by the store admin at a single click.

• ‘N’ number of Field sections can be added in Magento Custom registration attributes extension.

• Field sections in Magento Custom Registration Fields can be effortlessly added and deleted by the online merchant.

• In Magento Custom Fields module, multiple custom fields can be added by the store merchant.

• ‘N’ number of custom fields can be added in each custom field section.

• Custom field in Magento Custom Registration Fields can be effortlessly added and deleted by the online merchant.

• Various types of input field types are supported by Magento Registration Fields extension. Admin can set the name of the all the input type fields.

• Validation on the input fields can be set by the online merchant in Magento Custom Fields module.

• Magento custom registration form allows the online merchant to display the fields in the invoice.

• The Magento Custom registration attributes module allows the admin to provide a facility to the customer to edit the custom field details.

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