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Knowband Magento mobile app builder

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Knowband Magento mobile builder provides a platform to the store owner to convert their eCommerce store into a mobile app. Magento Mobile App Creator for Android/iOS provides the opportunity to create and manage an app in a few simple clicks. Knowband's Magneto Mobile App Maker for Android/iOS keeps the inventory and order details updated on the app. Magento Mobile App Builder extension gives the admin the access to customize the app as per your requirements. If you are having less technical knowledge and want an app for your store then Magneto eCommerce Mobile App Builder by knowband is a perfect platform for you. Unlimited push notifications, live chat support, multiple payment and shipping methods make this extension efficient among others. A Magento mobile app can provide two-way communication that is important forgetting loyalty points for your store.

Features offered by Magento Mobile App Builder:

  1. Design control: Magento eCommerce app builder addon gives the admin the full design access. Multiple color theme choices and 10+ font styles are available with easy customization. Admin can match app theme with website theme.

  2. Device Compatibility: Apps designed by Magento eCommerce app creator module have both mobile phones and tablets optimization.

  3. Synchronization: Mobile app creator for Magento provides real-time synchronization between app and web store. The stock on mobile app gets updated with any change in store inventory without manual efforts.

  4. Multi-lingual support: Magento Mobile App developer provides multi-language support on mobile phones. These apps also support RTL writing styles.

  5. Social-login: Mobile App Creator for Magento provides two social-login options like Facebook and Google+ for the quick and easy login of customers.

  6. Live Chat: Magento eCommerce Mobile App Builder for Android/ iOS integrated with Zopim chat service provides 24*7 live chat support.

  7. Voice search: Magento mobile app for Android provides voice search option to search products.

  8. Product Support: App by eCommerce mobile app developer for Magento stores provides support to all types of product like single, combined, bundled or virtual.

  9. Sorting and filtering: Magento Mobile App Builder extension can sort products based on various attributes. Multiple filtrations can be done based on product attributes.

  10. Payment and shipping methods: Magento Mobile App Builder Extension provides two types of payment method by default and supports multiple shipping methods.

  11. Social sharing options: Images of product in mobile store for Magento can be shared on multiple social platforms.

  12. Simplified checkout: To provide a hassle-free shopping experience to customers, Magento Mobile App developer gives one-page checkout to complete the transaction.

  13. Order tracking: Customer can track their order and know the current status of order directly from the app by Mobile App Creator for Magento.

  14. Coupon support: Magento Mobile App Builder supports all type of coupons and vouchers.

  15. Push notifications: Unlimited Push notifications can be sent in the app by Magento eCommerce mobile app creator.

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