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Knowband's Magento One Page Checkout Extension: Reduce Cart Abandonments

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Cart abandonment is one major challenge faced by every e-merchant nowadays. The current abandon rate is nearly 60% and more. Have you thought of the reasons behind that? The possible reason causing high cart abandonment and site exit rate is the multi-step checkout process involved in the purchase of products the online stores. Customers get frustrated when they experience such complicated product checkout on the shopping stores.

Knowband's Magento one page checkout extension is one great tool to reduce the number of checkout steps by incorporating One Step Checkout module. Magento one page checkout replaces the multi-page detailed checkout with an optimized checkout page. Understand the various striking features of Magento one page supercheckout module.

  1. This responsive checkout Magento module offers simple login options using social accounts like Google+ and Facebook.
  2. One step checkout Magento extension allows the guest customers to login easily and complete their product order on the site.
  3. The feature-rich admin panel of Magento one page checkout extension is simple to understand and navigate. The store admin can easily install and configure One Page Checkout setup as per their business requirements.
  4. Magento fast checkout extension allows the admin to choose the layout and designs for the single page checkout of their store.
  5. The multiple theme options offered by Magento one step checkout module are device responsive and their layouts are optimized to fit different screen sizes.
  6. Magento quick checkout extension allows the store merchant to add additional HTML blocks of content to add an image, text or link anywhere over the checkout page.
  7. Magento fast checkout extension also offers product image preview option to the customers along with its complete details.
  8. The inbuilt MailChimp integrator of the Magento one page checkout extension syncs the user emails with the connected MailChimp account.
  9. Admin can enable/disable guest checkout using this One page checkout Magento extension.
  10. Admin can choose desired payment and shipping methods using Knowband's Magento one page checkout extension.
  11. Magento one page supercheckout module lets the admin decide the custom address fields for product shipping and payment section. Admin can simply enable or disable them backend for guest and logged in customers.

Merchant Benefits

  1. Reduce the bounce rates and cart abandonment rates by offering a simplified checkout process to the store customers. The social options make it even easier for the store visitors to sign up in the site.
  2. The One step checkout Magento extension provides a fully customizable interface which makes it easier for the store owner to customize the various fields and change the layout of single checkout page as per store theme.
  3. Implementation of Magento one page supercheckout improves the user engagement with the store and hence the potential conversions also increase.
  1. Find Magento one step checkout module here:
  2. Magento one step checkout Admin Demo:
  3. Magento one step checkout Front Demo:
  4. User Manual for Responsive checkout Magento extension:
  6. For more queries and customization requests, feel free to ask at

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