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Search by Speaking with Prestashop Voice Search Addon | Knowband

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Let the customers use voice input to browse your store products instead of typing. Not just searching, add ease and convenience for your store visitors by allowing voice typing during the registration process and checkout process.

Prestashop Voice Search and Typing Module incorporates voice search and typing feature to your Prestashop website. Voice search helps the store merchant to improve the customer experience and thereby increase the customer engagement levels on their store. Voice recognition let your customers quickly search the store products on a single click. So what are you thinking now?

Prestashop Voice Search and Typing Addon allows your store visitor search and type on the store by giving voice commands via microphone. Let us understand the different features offered by Prestashop Voice Search Addon.

Step ahead with the voice recognition trends in the eCommerce market and have a look at the following features of Prestashop Search By Voice Module by Knowband.

  1. It is easy to enable and disable the functionality of Prestashop Voice Search Addon on the website using the toggle switch provided in the backend panel.

  2. With Prestashop Voice Command module, customers can speak up their desired product using the inbuilt microphone of the device. Prestashop Voice Recognition System identifies the voice of the customer and provides them the related search results.

  3. Without any manual typing, Prestashop Vocal Search Addon recognizes and fills the account page fields or the search field based on the voice commands captured using Prestashop Voice Recognition System.

  4. Prestashop Voice Command module has a simple installation procedure so that the admin can implement the addon without facing any coding hassles.

  5. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon offers a feature-rich and highly customizable admin panel which is configurable from the admin panel.

  6. Prestashop Search By Voice Module supports multi-lingual compatibility.

  7. Prestashop Search By Voice Module provides multistore compatibility.

  8. Prestashop Search By Voice Module even works with SSL compatible websites.

  9. The functionality of the Prestashop Vocal Search Addon is only compatible with the Chrome browser.

  10. The store merchant can enable or disable the functionality of Prestashop Voice Recognition System for desktop systems only.

  11. The store admin can activate and deactivate the Prestashop Search By Voice Module for mobile/tablet devices separately.

  12. Prestashop Voice Command module adds voice search and typing on the search bar of the website.

  13. Prestashop voice search and typing addon can be activated for the registration form of the website. The admin can add the fields on which they want to add voice typing feature.

  14. Prestashop Vocal Search Addon lets you enable or disable voice typing feature for desired fields of Personal Information Form.

  15. Using Prestashop Voice Search and Typing Addon, admin can add voice typing for the address form fields.

  16. Prestashop Voice Command module lets you provide voice input functionality on Contact us page of the website. The speech given by the customer directly adds to the comment field.

  17. With the help of Prestashop Voice Recognition System, admin can add voice typing feature on selected fields of Guest Checkout form.

  18. On enabling the Voice focus option from the backend panel of Prestashop Voice Search Addon, customers voice gets captured without clicking on the microphone button.

Admin Benefits

  1. Admin can increase customer engagement on their Prestashop store by integrating Prestashop Voice Recognition System on their store.

  2. The fast searching and quick typing benefits offered by Prestashop Voice Recognition System increases the chances of potential sales and revenues on the store.

Customer Benefits

  1. Customers can effortlessly complete filling up their registration and checkout form using voice searching and typing feature of Prestashop Voice Command module.

  2. Prestashop Voice Search Addon allows fast searching for the customers via microphone.

  3. Interactive and responsive UI of Prestashop Search By Voice Module grabs the attention of the customers.

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