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Prestashop Private Shop addon by Knowband

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Control access to your eCommerce website using this intuitive and feature-rich module by Knowband. Prestashop Private shop addon allows the e-merchants to hide and privatize their store for unregistered customers. This Private shop module provides you a way to mandate user registration on your store, or you can even hide this option for them if you don't require for your website. Hiding the signup form for the users lets you control the access to your shop, and hence serving a private environment for the online users.

Features of Prestashop Private shop extension:

  1. Prestashop Private shop addon lets the admin maintain the privacy of their complete website or some particular sections only.

  2. Admin can enable or disable the functionality of the Private shop module using the toggle button provided in its backend admin panel.

  3. With Private Shop Prestashop module, admin can decide and set the location of the login/signup form on right, left or center of the website page based on their choices.

  4. Prestashop Private shop extension gives you two theme options. One is the default and the other is modern. Admin can choose one of them.

  5. Private Shop Prestashop module works on SSL enabled websites.

  6. Prestashop Private shop extension provides multi-lingual feature support.

  7. Prestashop Private shop addon offers multi-store compatibility.

  8. This Private shop module flawlessly works with other Prestashop themes.

  9. From the backend of the Prestashop Private shop extension, admin can add IP addresses that they want to allow access to the website without registration.

  10. Using Prestashop Private shop addon, the store merchants can apply privatization to selected products, categories, and pages of the website.

  11. This Private shop addon provides a view to the list of private customers who have been either approved or disapproved of accessing the store products. Admin can track and manage those customers individually.

  12. Private Shop Prestashop module lets you set verification option for validating new accounts on the store.

  13. Admin has the option to add custom CSS and JS code from the backend panel of the Private shop module.

  14. Admin can modify the look and feel of the Private Shop Prestashop module just by setting a color, image or a youtube video in the background of login/signup form on the website.

  15. With Prestashop Private shop addon, the admin can validate new accounts either automatically or manually.

  16. Admin can also set the login/signup page title text in different languages with the help of Private shop module.

  17. With the help of Restrict categories and products module, admin can add a logo on the login or signup form.

  18. Private Shop Prestashop module provides an option to set the opacity of the login/signup form.

  19. The store admins can show or hide registration form on the website.

  20. Using this Private shop module admin can show a custom message to newly registered customers.

  21. Prestashop Private shop addon allows the merchants to enable or disable Google crawl for private pages on the store.

  22. Admin can restrict categories and products on their store without investing extra efforts in its implementation.

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