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Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Addon by Knowband

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The eCommerce store admin can offer in-store pick-up option on the eCommerce store. The customers can view the available physical stores and select the store from which they want to pick the product package. The eCommerce store owner can select n number of stores to display on the store using Google map. The admin can enter the store related details for showing on the store locator like store name, contact number, distance in km or miles and store timing also.

The eCommerce store owner can customize the Prestashop in-store pickup addon easily. The admin can easily display the physical stores and it details from the admin interface. The customers can get the product from the selected store. They don’t need to pay the delivery charges for it. The Prestashop in-store pickup addon is user-friendly and offers multi-lingual compatibility.


  1. The eCommerce store owner can easily install, configure and customize this Prestashop store pick up the plugin.
  2. The Prestashop in-store pickup addon is highly customizable and offers smooth functioning.
  3. The Prestashop store locator and pickup addon allow the eCommerce store admin to display multiple physical stores on the website.
  4. The admin can allow the customers to select the in-store pick-up option.
  5. The customers can pick-up the product from the physical stores by selecting the store from store locator.
  6. The Prestashop store pick up plugin allows the eCommerce store admin to set a Google map maker image and zoom level of the map.
  7. The Prestashop store pick up plugin allows the admin to show store details ie store name, distance in km or miles, store contact number, and timing.
  8. The store locator can be displayed on the homepage also just by enabling the settings.
  9. The admin can set the pick-up days gap and delay hours also. The customer can pick the product within the maximum days provided by the store admin.
  10. The Prestashop in-store pickup addon allows the admin to set the date and time format from the admin interface without any hassle.
  11. After getting any in-store pick-up order the admin can send an e-mail to notify the store about it. The Prestashop in-store pickup addon has ready-made email templates for sending the e-mail.
  12. The admin can also customize the e-mail templates if required.
  13. CSV file format is available to export the store information.
  14. The e-merchant can download the delivery slip just by inserting the delivery slip easily from the admin interface.
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