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OpenCart Walmart Integration Extension by Knowband

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The overwhelming demand for Marketplaces puts on some responsibility on the shoulder of sellers to brush up with their business strategies and think of selling their products on the Marketplace. Marketplaces provide a platform for these local businesses to buy and sell products on a huge scale. Walmart is one of the best Marketplaces which provides thousands of third-party sellers a platform for business purposes.

OpenCart Walmart integration module fundamentally takes the burden off the shoulder of the OpenCart store admin with an automated process of product listing and order management. With the marketplace, the e-merchants can effortlessly expand their reach and customer base.

OpenCart Walmart API integrator offers in-depth integration between the store and the marketplace. The user-friendly admin interface enables easy tracking and management.

Admin Features offered by OpenCart Walmart Integration extension by Knowband

  1. The store admin can connect their store with the Walmart sites just by sharing the API details in the back-end of the OpenCart Walmart Integration plugin.

  2. The Walmart OpenCart API integrator offers the profile-based listing option that enables bulk upload and management of the inventory. The product variations, their details, images, price, and other related information can sync with the marketplace at a few button clicks.

  3. The products can be added or removed from the marketplace just by executing cron in the back-end of the OpenCart Walmart connector. The admin can relist the expired product at a button click.

  4. The e-sellers can sync the orders from to their store. Based on the marketplace order, the OpenCart Walmart synchronization extension creates similar orders in the store that can be processed with ease.

  5. The change in the order status can be changed and updated in the marketplace at a button click from the back-end of the Walmart OpenCart synchronization module.

  6. The audit report helps you track the status of the various task being executed in the back-end of the OpenCart Walmart integration module.

Merchant benefits

  1. The Walmart OpenCart integration plugin helps you get rid of manual synchronization.
  2. The merchants can double their customer base and boost their product visibility.
  3. OpenCart integration with Walmart enables the admin to manage the product listing, inventory, orders, shipping and other factors from a single platform. The OpenCart plugin comes with free support of 3 months.
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