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login as password without client customer Prestashop addon

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Prestashop Login as Customer Addon by Knowband

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How to check whether your eCommerce shop is running smoothly through a customer account? Your customers might be facing various account related issues but how to resolve them? Any idea? Knowband offers Prestashop Login as Customer Addon, a perfect solution for the Prestashop store owners. Using Prestashop Login as Customer module, the admin can browse and access the store using a customer account which provides them an insight of the customer's account. Using this user experience, a store owner can relatively improve the shopping interface for their users. In the next section, you can find out what all features are offered by the Prestashop Login as Client module?

  1. Admin can quickly install and configure Login as Customer Addon on their Prestashop store with zero coding hassles.

  2. Admin can enable or disable this Login as Client module whenever they want as per the website requirements.

  3. Admin can access the complete cart and order details of the customer using Prestashop Login as Customer module. This data can be used in resolving the account related issues of the store user via remote access.

  4. With Prestashop Login as Customer, admin can set a search box at the top of the admin panel. Further, the admin needs to type the customer name and he will be redirected to the front interface of that particular customer.

  5. Login as Customer Addon also allows the admin to feature navigation bar at the top of the website that shows the name of the logged in customer on the store.

  6. Using Prestashop Login As Customer module, admin can enable the login customer icon present on the top of the admin panel. With this, the admin gets the remote access of the selected customer directly.

  7. Using Prestashop Login As Customer without Password addon, admin can login as the selected customer from the orders tab of the admin panel.

  8. In case the admin is unable to search the customer using the search box, then he can go to customers tab of the admin panel and choose the desired customer name.

  9. With Prestashop Login As Customer without Password module, admin gets a complete view of the logged in customer history on the store.

  10. Once after logging, the admin gets remote access to the account details, order history, wish list and cart details of that particular customer.

  11. Admin can also add or delete the existing products from the cart of the customer.

  12. Prestashop Login as Customer Addon offers a way to the admin by which they can test the complete website from the user perspective.

  13. This Prestashop module provides multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility to the admin.

  14. This addon doesn't conflict with the other modules and is compatible with latest versions of Prestashop.

  15. Works well with SSL enabled website and SEO-friendly URLs.

  1. Prestashop Login as Customer Addon link:
  2. Prestashop Login as Customer Addon user manual:
  3. Admin demo:
  4. Front demo:
  5. Watch video tutorial for Prestashop Login as Customer Addon:
  6. Purchase the module here:

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