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OpenCart Marketplace Multi vendor Module by Knowband

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Knowband offers a robust OpenCart Marketplace extension to the eCommerce merchants that allows them to create an online marketplace without indulging into code changes. The admin can enable the third-party sellers to create their account and sell their product at the site. With the presence of multiple vendors, the store admin can easily offer better options to the customers and a wider product range to choose from.

The store management becomes a matter for few clicks with OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace extension. You can now take your eCommerce businesses to new heights and expand your reach without any difficulty.

Benefits offered to Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace plugin:

The admin can convert their single-vendor site into a whole new marketplace by installing the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace extension at your store. The site regulation can be done at a few button click from the back-end of the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace module. The seller’s profile can be approved/disapproved by the admin. The seller can upload the product from their dashboard and the admin can approve the products or edit from the admin panel of OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace extension. Once approved, the products will be displayed in the front-end of the site. The category for product listing is assigned by the admin. The sellers can send a request to add a new category or sub-category from their dashboard. The admin can approve the request from the back-end of the OpenCart marketplace module. The orders received from the can be tracked from the back-end of the OpenCart Multi-vendor marketplace extension. Additionally, the admin gets an option to view the order details of their own product as well. The store owner can easily fix the commission to be charged to the sellers. The fixed percentage amount will be automatically charged to the vendors as per the rules fixed by the admin in the back-end of the OpenCart marketplace plugin. Once the customer sends their review/rating for any product or seller, it is listed in the admin interface of the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace module. The store owner can edit, approve/disapprove the reviews. Even the sellers get an option to remove the reviews if need be. The overall transaction of the site and the sales report can be viewed from the admin panel of the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace plugin.

Knowband is one of the most reputed names in the field of plugin development. We provide the best plugins for platforms like - Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and Shopify. The mobile app builder and the feature-rich marketplace integrators offered by the company has gained the reputation of being the best-in-class plugins. It also supports OC version 3.0.3.

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  5. For more OpenCart plugin, visit Knowband. Contact us at for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.
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Posted By: jerryjames on August 17, 2018

Opencart Marketplace multi vendor module will change over your Opencart site into Marketplace inside your Buy Assignment Australia store with discrete merchant item collection and feedback report and rating system. This module also contains the custom shipping include.

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