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Prestashop MailChimp Automation Addon by Knowband

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Prestashop MailChimp automation addon by Knowband is played important role in eCommerce business. This Prestashop addon easily integrates your Prestashop store into the MailChimp account via API key. This Prestashop MailChimp cart integrator addon allows the admin to synchronize the store data via executing the Cron job and they store the all customer information MailChimp store.

Features of Prestashop MailChimp automation addon:

  1. The Prestashop MailChimp integrator extension by Knowband allows the admin to retargeting the customer.

  2. The Prestashop MailChimp Automation Module allows admin to easily sync the Prestashop store to the MailChimp account.

  3. This Prestashop MailChimp Automation addon gives the facility to admin to track the all contact information of the customer or email ids of the customer.

  4. This Prestashop MailChimp cart integrator module gives the option to the admin to sync the store via all cart, all orders, all products & all customer.

  5. The store admin can sync or abort the store when they want to form the back-end of the Prestashop MailChimp Automation Module.

  6. Knowband's Prestashop MailChimp automation Addon enables the Prestashop owner to set the cookie expired period.

  7. The Prestashop MailChimp product integrator module allows the store owner to easily send email triggers to the customers.

  8. This Prestashop MailChimp Integrator module reduces cart abandonment and boosts repeat purchase.

  9. This Prestashop MailChimp Automation addon helps the store admin to increase the conversion rate of the website.

  10. The store admin can easily execute the cron job.

  11. Prestashop MailChimp Integrator Addon supports the Multiple languages.

  12. Prestashop MailChimp Automation addon by Knowband is Multi-store compatible.

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