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Prestashop Automatic related product addon by Knowband

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Showing related products on the product page is an effective way to increase customer engagement and improve the conversion rates of your Prestashop store. Store customers always remain in a great confusion that which product to buy or not. They keep on improving their product selection until they are satisfied. This buying confusion creates a shopping hassle for your customers which consequently affects the sales of your store. The Prestashop store admin can easily influence their purchasing decision by displaying the related products on the product pages of the store. This helps them in choosing a right product out of many. Otherwise, no customer has adequate time to browse for store products individually.

Lets us understand more about Prestashop related products extension with its listed features.

  1. Prestashop similar products addon is simple to install and provides an easily configurable interface to the store admins.
  2. No code edits or changes are required to configure the Prestashop related products module. Hence, there is no requirement of any technical skills to the admins.
  3. Prestashop related products plugin is multistore compatible.
  4. The browser compatible interface of Prestashop alike product addon lets the users to easily access the Prestashop related products without facing any browser issues.
  5. Prestashop similar products addon offers an hassle-free implementation to the store admin which allows them to show the alike products for the current product.
  6. The mobile responsive feature of Prestashop Automatic related product module lets the customers browse the products smoothly on their mobile devices.
  7. Prestashop alike product addon is compatible with other Prestashop themes as well.
  8. Using Prestashop related products plugin, the store admin can feature the related product anywhere on the product page like at the bottom, left column or the right column.
  9. The configurable shopping interface added using Prestashop similar products addon is compatible with SSL enabled websites.
  10. The Prestashop admin can add and edit the products of his choice that are to be displayed in the similar product list.
  11. Prestashop Automatic related product module loads quickly on the user interface.
  12. Prestashop related products are displayed on all the product pages of the store.
  1. Prestashop similar products addon link:
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