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Prestashop Custom Registration Fields Addon by Knowband

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Every website customization task that requires the use of technical knowledge is now easy with Prestashop Custom Registration Fields addon by Knowband. The store admin can add, delete and edit the Prestashop Custom Fields from the admin interface without the need to change the existing coding of the websites. Sign up forms during the registration process is an effortless and smart way to know your customer information. The gathered information can be further utilized to make the shopping experience rich and personalized for your customers registering on your website. Lets now look at the features provided by the Prestashop Custom Registration Fields Addon

  1. This Prestashop extension can be quickly enabled and disabled using single click functionality.
  2. The GDPR compatibility features of the Prestashop Custom Registration Fields module lets the admin delete or export the user data as per Prestashop GDPR module request.
  3. The Custom Registration Fields Addon lets the store admin add new fields and edit the existing fields on the registration form of the website.
  4. The name and description of the Prestashop Registration Fields can be easily set from the backend panel of the module.
  5. Using Prestashop Custom Registration Fields Addon, the store merchants can select the field type as a text field, radio buttons, checkboxes, select list or the dropdown list etc.
  6. The admin can also set validation rules on specific fields and can display a custom error message on the violation of validation rule.
  7. Custom Registration Fields Addon provides multi-lingual support.
  8. The admin can set minimum and maximum character limit for the Prestashop Registration Fields.
  9. The admin can even apply Required Field Validation on Prestashop Custom Fields to mark the mandatory fields.
  10. The admin can show the customer’s information on the invoice and email as per requirements.
  11. Custom CSS code can be added to enhance the look and feel of the Prestashop Custom Registration Fields Addon.
  12. The Prestashop Registration Fields plugin exports the entire signup fields into an excel sheet.
  1. Link for Custom Registration Fields Addon:
  2. User manual for Custom Registration Fields Addon:
  3. Admin demo for Custom Registration Fields Addon:
  4. Front demo for Custom Registration Fields Addon:
  5. Video Tutorial Link for Custom Registration Fields Addon:
  6. For more related information and queries, contact at
  7. Buy the module on addon store:

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