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Prestashop GDPR addon by Knowband

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GDPR is a data protection method which enforced in the EU countries. In GDPR there are some laws for sake of customer’s data security. Now it is compulsory for the online business owners to follow these laws. Online stores also have to make required changes in compliance with the GDPR. The customers can access, download, update and delete their personal data without any hassle. The customers also get the rights related to automated decision making and profiling.

Knowband offers Prestashop EU compliant GDPR module which offers an easy to use interface at the customer end. The customers can easily request for the personal data report. The customers can get personal information like Personal details, Addresses, and Orders details easily. The customers can also request for the data anonymization, update the details. The admin can easily meet the GDPR requirements by implementing this General Data Protection Regulation module. The Prestashop GDPR Compliance addon offers email templates for sending the confirmation e-mail and links to the customers. The Prestashop GDPR Compliance module by Knowband allows the Prestashop store admin to manage the customer's rights.

By using the Prestashop GDPR Module the eCommerce store admin can allow the customers to access the following GDPR rights:

The right to access personal data. The right to data rectification The right to erasure data The right to restrict processing The right to data portability Rights related to the automated decision making Right to be informed

Features offered by this Prestashop GDPR Compliance addon:

  1. The admin can display a cookie banner on the website and also can block the third party cookie.
  2. The Prestashop GDPR Addon allows the store admin to select the action for the previous orders in case of the data deletion requests. Admin can select the options like - Delete Orders, Random Data Fill and No Action for the order.
  3. The Prestashop GDPR Module allows the store admin to select the time interval for the data deletion requests.
  4. The customers can download their personal details, order details, and address details also.
  5. The e-merchant can delete the customer data from the back-end interface. Admin can also notify the customer after deleting the customer data.
  6. The Prestashop GDPR Addon allows the store admin to add the multiple checkboxes on the registration and contact form.
  7. The Prestashop GDPR Module allows the store admin to set up the retention period for the GDPR requests. As per the duration set up by the admin GDPR request record will get deleted automatically. 8.The eCommerce store admin can setup the crons to automate the process of the data deletion and data purge day settings.
  8. The Prestashop GDPR Module has ready-made email templates for mail sending. The admin can send confirmation before making any changes.
  9. Guest user access: The Prestashop GDPR Addon allows the store admin to provide an interface to the guest users to access the GDPR rights.
  10. The PrestaShop GDPR Addon allows the store admin to provide an interface to customers so that they can request to make their personal information anonymous.
  11. The Prestashop EU GDPR addon is very easy to install, configure and use.
  12. The admin can easily activate this General Data Protection Regulation module.
  13. There is a full record of every GDPR request and its current status. The admin can easily view the details from the admin panel.
  14. The Prestashop GDPR Suite plugin offers smooth and flawless implementation.
  15. The admin can show a header menu on the website. The Prestashop GDPR addon allows the admin to set the header text.
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