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Prestashop Age Verification Module by Knowband

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If you own an online store and have explicit contents on the website then age verification becomes very necessary. Knowband’s Prestashop Age Verification Module allows the store admin to display age verification popup as the users' visits on the website. The 18+ verification popup module offers various customizable features to the store admin.

Lets take a loot the features offered by Knowband’s Prestashop Age Verification Module:

  1. The store admin can set the desired minimum age of the visitors that are allowed to visit the website.

  2. The popup 18+ Prestashop module offers the store admin to show the terms and conditions checkbox on the age verification popup.

  3. The Prestashop 18+ verification add-on offers the store admin to show or hide the date of birth option at the front end of this 18+ popup.

  4. The store admin can show a small note on the top of the popup 18+ Prestashop module.

  5. The age verification Prestashop addon offers the store admin to customize the note that would be shown at the top of the age verification popup.

  6. The age verify Prestashop module allows the admin to enter the desired URL to redirect if the ‘Exit’ button is clicked.

  7. The Prestashop age verification module allows the admin to customize the ‘Enter’ and ‘Exit’ button of the age verification popup.

  8. The store admin can customize the look and feel of the 18+ age verification popup as per his choice.

  9. The age verification Prestashop addon is SSL compatible.

  10. The Prestashop 18+ verification addon is compatible with all the Prestashop themes and multi-store compatible as well.

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