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Magento Product Update Notification by Knowband

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Want to convert the website visitors to your customers? Use this smart extension by Knowband to keep your Magento store in the vision of your customers. They may not have the time to visit your store and check the product updates but they can be instantly triggered using Magento product update notification module. Just like the customers, it becomes impossible for the store owners to manually feed the updates to each individual visiting the store. So as an easy solution, Knowband brings an intelligent functionality for your eCommerce store which can be used to send automatic updates regarding the product changes to the existing and the potential customers of the store. Let's overview the features of Magento product update extension given below:

  1. Using Magento product update notification, a customer can subscribe for two alerts using a single subscription.
  2. Magento stock alert module notifies the customer regarding the product stock availability on the store.
  3. Magento price alert notification alerts the customer as soon as there is a change in the product price.
  4. This Magento stock alert module is multi-store compatible.
  5. The admin can edit the email templates of Magento product update extension in different languages as the module provides multilingual compatibility.
  6. Magento back in stock extension is compatible with SSL enabled sites.
  7. Magento price alert notification extension is compatible with all themes.
  8. Fully responsive extension.
  9. Magento product update notification lets the admin view and analyze the subscription statistics for a better understanding of the customer choices.
  10. The color picker tool helps the admin to change the color of the product update notification extension displayed on every product page of the website.
  11. The module provides an easy to use interface so that the customers can easily subscribe to their favorite products and stay updated with its price and stock alerts.
  1. Do you want to experience the Magento product update notification module today? Follow the given links below.
  2. Magento product update notification extension link:
  3. User manual for Magento product update notification:
  4. Admin Demo for Magento product update notification:
  5. Front Demo for Magento product update notification:
  6. Watch video of Magento product update notification module:
  7. For more queries, contact

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