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notification update in product of out stock Prestashop addon

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Prestashop Product Update Notification Addon by Knowband

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Mostly, it happens that some visitors come to your website looking for some product but unfortunately they don't find the product because of its stock availability. As a consequence, they immediately switch to the other store in search of that product. This way you miss one conversion and similarly many. Visitors left your store without purchasing a single item. Therefore, the store owners should focus on bringing engagements to the website. You can get back your customers just by recalling them using subscriptions. Is that so hard to achieve? Absolutely no! Prestashop product update notification addon by Knowband helps you to easily grab back your customers who would have never visited your store.

Lets us take an overview of the features and benefits offered by the Prestashop out of stock subscription module.

  1. Prestashop notification offers two benefits in a single subscription. Stock alert notification is triggered once the subscribed product is back in stock. Price update notifications are sent to the customers when there is any change in the product prices.
  2. Prestashop product update module is GDPR compliant.
  3. Prestashop out of stock subscription block is customizable from the admin panel as per the website theme.
  4. Prestashop out of stock notification alerts and engages the customer even when the product is out of stock.
  5. Prestashop in stock notification notifies the customer regarding the availability of the product into the store.
  6. The admin can modify the background color and border color of the Prestashop notification module to enhance the overall look and feel of the module.
  7. Helps the store owner to decide the optimum price for the products.
  8. The graphical and tabular reports of the product subscription data help the admin to analyze the performance of the Prestashop product update notification addon.
  9. The customer needs to subscribe for the respective product by entering the email into the subscription box and pressing the Notify Me button.
  10. Provides multi-store compatibility.
  11. The Prestashop product update extension is well responsive for all mobile devices.
  12. Admin can view the list of subscribed customers along with the product and price details.
  13. The module is compatible with other Prestashop themes as well.
  14. Prestashop product update notification addon also works with the SSL enabled websites.
  15. The admin can add custom CSS and JS to this Prestashop product subscription module.
  1. Prestashop product update notification addon link:
  2. User Manual for Prestashop product update notification addon:
  3. Admin Demo for Prestashop product update notification addon:
  4. Front Demo for Prestashop product update notification addon:
  5. Video Tutorial for Prestashop product update notification addon:
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  7. Purchase the module from addon store:

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