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Magento Scratch Coupon Extension By Knowband

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Online customers are commonly interested in various kinds of gaming elements. Visitors remain engaged to the websites that are highly interactive and responsive. One such feature is offered by Magento Scratch coupon extension by Knowband which adds an element of gamification to the website. It not only adds a responsive element to the website but also provides discount codes to the customers who scratch to win attractive discounts on their store purchases.

Features of Magento scratch game module

  1. Magento scratch card extension is easy to install and configure using its user manual.
  2. Store admin doesn't require any coding knowledge for making customizations to the Magento scratch game module.
  3. Magento Scratch coupon extension is compatible with all other themes.
  4. The admin can add JQuery if he requires for his eCommerce website.
  5. The admin can also set the time to display the next discount popup to the same customer.
  6. Using Magento email subscription popup, the admin can also allow free shipping on the discount purchase.
  7. Magento Scratch coupon allows the admin to track coupon statistics using pie chart and graphical representations.
  8. The admin can modify the look and feel of the Magento Scratch pop up to attract more and more customers.
  9. The admin can set the coupon code length and the coupon type from the backend of the Magento scratch card extension.

Benefits to the store merchants

  1. The store visitors remain engaged with the website to win offer and discount on the store products.
  2. Magento send scratch coupon helps in providing a user-friendly shopping experience to the customers.
  3. Admin can use the features of Magento Scratch pop up to display attractive coupons on the website.
  4. Increases conversion of the website effortlessly.
  5. Magento email subscription module provides simple graphical representations to view and analyze the performance reports of the Magento extension.
  1. Link for Magento Scratch Coupon Extension
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  3. Admin Demo for Magento Scratch Coupon Extension
  4. Front Demo for Magento Scratch Coupon Extension
  5. Video Tutorial for Magento Scratch Coupon Extension

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