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save extension for Ecommerce advanced opencart wishlist later

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Opencart Advanced Wishlist Extension

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Opencart advanced wishlist extension by Knowband allows the eCommerce store admin enable the wishlist feature on their eCommerce store. With the help of this Opencart save for later module, the Customer to shortlist the favorite product and save their wishlist with and ease. On the other hand, if the customer adds the same product to the wishlist multiple times, the product appears in the wishlist only once, but with an updated quantity that reflects the number of times the product was added.

Let us quickly look at the features of Knowband Opencart Advanced Wishlist Extension:

Opencart wishlist module by Knowband reduces the exit rate of the website while increasing the customer engagement.

Opencart Wishlist extension allows the customer save the favorite product to their wishlist.

Admin can view the most demanded product to their store from the back-end of the Opencart advanced wishlist extension.

Opencart save for later extension allows the admin to analyze the Category reports in the form of graph and they can also view the which product is most wanted.

Knowband Opencart wishlist extension provides an option for the admin to make an analysis of the customer which customer saved the no of products.

The Opencart advanced wishlist extension is extremely easy to use and handle.

The eCommerce admin can easily customize the extension to his/her desires.

The Admin can increase the Customer engagement by using the Opencart advance wishlist extension.

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