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Prestashop Walmart Integration Addon by Knowband

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If you are planning to sell your products on the popular Walmart marketplace, then, Knowband has the best solution for you. The Prestashop Walmart Integration extension is the quickest method to establish the connection between the store and the marketplace. Prestashop Walmart synchronization module allows automatic inventory, shipment and sales management.

Features offered by Knowband's Prestashop Walmart Integrator

  1. Prestashop Walmart integrator by Knowband offers fast integration between the store and the Walmart marketplace.
  2. Prestashop Walmart integration extension offers profile-based listing option.
  3. Thus, the admin can upload the products in bulk and at the same time manage the inventory just by clicking a few button clicks in the back-end of the Walmart Prestashop integrator.
  4. Prestashop Walmart Integration module even makes attribute and category mapping easier.
  5. The Prestashop Walmart API integrator allows the admin to update the price, quantity and related product details with the help of cron job.
  6. The admin can add Number of shipping option in the back-end of the Prestashop Walmart connector.
  7. Walmart Prestashop connector even offers an easy interface to manage the feed status.
  8. The admin gets an option add shipping templates and sync the same marketplace with the help of Prestashop Walmart Integration plugin.
  9. The marketplace orders can be mapped with the orders of the Prestashop store with the help of the Prestashop Walmart integration module.
  10. The audit log section of the Prestashop Walmart Integrator keeps the track of the various task running the backend.
  11. The products can renewed, removed or edited by executing cron in the back-end of the Walmart Prestashop API integrator.
  12. The admin can even view the error while product listing from the back-end of the Prestashop Walmart integrator.
  1. Prestashop Walmart Integration Module Link
  3. For Prestashop Walmart Integration Extension User Manual, click here:
  5. For Prestashop Walmart Integrator Admin Demo Link, click here:
  6. To watch the video of Prestashop Walmart Integration Extension, click here:
  8. You can even get the Prestashop Walmart Integration Extension at the Addon store, click here:

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