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Prestashop scratch popup addon by Knowband

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What attracts most to the online customers on any eCommerce store? Online shoppers are mostly fascinated towards discounts offers. So they generally look for different coupon and vouchers on various store page and products which can earn them some discount benefits during an online purchase. This is the reason why the Prestashop site owners should focus on giving attractive discount offers to customers. One such method is implementing interactive discount offers is Prestashop scratch coupon addon by Knowband. The addon is Prestashop Responsive pop up addon which implements scratch coupon discounts along with email subscription popup on different pages of the Prestashop website. This depends on the store admin that on which pages of the website he wants to display the Prestashop scratch and win addon popup. Before its useful application on the eCommerce website lets quickly overview the features of this addon:

  1. Easy interface of Admin Panel: Easy and responsive admin interface allows the store admin to control the design, content, and layout of the module. Using the Email Subscription pop up addon settings, the admin can make changes to the look and feel of the scratch coupon and email subscription popup.

  2. No coding required for implementation: The admin need require any technical skills to install and implement the Prestashop Scratch coupon Addon. By following simple installation and configuration guidelines in the user manual, the store admin can add this PrestaShop functionality to the store.

  3. Interactive and responsive layout: Using Prestashop Interactive pop up addon the store owner can make a user-friendly subscription layout which can enhance user experience especially targeted for mobile users. This module becomes more interactive when store customers access the coupon subscription module on their mobile phones. Especially, for the customers who love gaming, this addon increases interactivity of the store.

  4. Multi-lingual Support: Prestashop Scratch Coupon pop up addon comes with the flexibility to choose among different languages.

  5. MailChimp Integration: Prestashop email subscriber with MailChimp integrator serves another functionality to the Prestashop Scratch coupon Addon module. Using Prestashop MailChimp integrator, all the customer emails are automatically synced with the owner’s MailChimp account which can be later used for email marketing.

  6. Graphical report Analysis: Store admins of Prestashop store can view the detailed reports of coupons and sales of the website. This provides an idea to the admins about store conversions and they can make an easy and effective analysis on generated and used coupons using Bar graphs.

  7. Multistore Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with other multiple stores.

  8. Theme Compatibility: The Prestashop subscription pop up addon is well compatible with other Prestashop themes without any design issues.

  9. Ease of customizing subscription popup block: Using the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon customization settings, the user admins can change or modify the appearance of the email subscription box as per business website.

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