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Etsy Prestashop Integration Extension by Knowband

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For all the Prestashop-based eCommerce store owners, Knowband offers Prestashop Etsy integration addon that makes it easier for the store admin to sell their products on the popular marketplace. The Prestashop Etsy integration extension is technically approved and automates the entire process of store integration and management.

The entire trading can be done and the inventory as well as sales can be managed from the back-end of Knowband’s Etsy Prestashop integrator without fumbling into complexity of management and coding. The admin can list the product and manage the inventory just by clicking a few button in the back-end of Prestashop Etsy integrator. The store admin can easily manage the shipping options and order processing for the Etsy shop by using this Prestashop Etsy Integration plugin.

Key Admin Features of the Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy API Integration Extension:

Prestashop Etsy connector offers uninterrupted integration between the site and the various eBay sites. The Etsy Prestashop connector offers multi-lingual support that makes multi-channel selling easier. Prestashop Etsy integrator offers profile-based product upload option. Etsy Prestashop API integrator even makes inventory management a matter of few clicks. Even the product variation is uploaded in one go with the help of the crons offered by Etsy Prestashop integrator. Real time synchronization of the inventory and product pricing with the help of Etsy Prestashop synchronization extension. Even the product edition, deletion and relisting with the help of the cron options offered by Etsy Prestashop integration module. Map the Prestashop store attributes and category with the Etsy marketplace attributes and category at a button click with Etsy Prestashop Integrator. Thus, the Etsy Prestashop integration plugin allows the admin to list the products in the relevant category of the marketplace. The admin gets an options to exclude a particular products from the profiles created in the back-end Prestashop Etsy synchronization addon. The Etsy Prestashop integrator allows the admin to set the threshold limit for the inventory. The stock level will be marked critical below this limit. The store owners can process the orders from the admin panel Etsy Prestashop connector. Execute cron in the Synchronization tab of Prestashop Etsy synchronization extension sync the orders of the marketplace with your eCommerce site. For order fulfillment, the store admin can add shipping methods and sync them with the marketplace with Prestashop Etsy integration addon. The admin can even map shipping entries and upgraded with each templates created in the back-end of the Etsy Prestashop integration module. The change in order status is reflected in the front-end of the marketplace after the cron is executed in the back-end of the Prestashop Etsy connector. The admin can easily see the reason the product was not listed in the back-end of the Etsy Prestashop integrator. Audit log offered by Prestashop Etsy integrator allows the admin to keep the track of the tasks performed.

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