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notification alert in back product stock Prestashop addon

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Prestashop Back in Stock Notification Addon By Knowband

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Mostly, it has been noticed that the users land on the website to buy their favorite product but have to go back without purchasing it due to its unavailability. This has become one of the major concerns for all the e-commerce websites. In order to notify the customers regarding their favorite product back in stock again, Knowband introduces the Back In Stock Plugin for the Prestashop website that is particularly made to send the notification email to update the customers whenever their desired product is back in stock.

Benefits of Prestashop back in stock module to the customers:

  1. The Prestashop stock alert module allows the customers to subscribe their favorite out stocked product at that moment.
  2. The Prestashop product stock notification addon send automatic notification emails to the customers when the store inventory is updated.
  3. The customers will get an update email when the subscribed product is back in stock again.
  4. The Prestashop module by Knowband offers a captivating mobile-friendly interface to the online shoppers.

Benefits of Prestashop reminder email module to the merchants:

  1. The admin can customize the Prestashop stock alert interface as per the requirement.
  2. The Prestashop reminder email module allows the admin to edit the subject and content of email template according to one’s choices.
  3. The Prestashop back in stock module offers the admin to customize both Initial and Final email. Initial email is the one which will be sent to the customers when they will subscribe to the products and the final email is sent to the customers when the subscribed product comes back in stock.
  4. The respective Prestashop plugin allows the admin to change the language of the email templates.
  5. The Prestashop stock alert module provides an interactive interface to the customers.
  6. The admin takes the advantage of this Prestashop pluginby Knowband in order to increase the sales of the website by the simple implementation of this addon and sideways keep the track of the most demanding products and run special deals on the same.
  7. The Prestashop reminder email module enables the admin to increase the sales and revenue of the website.

So whats next thing you are looking for? Update your customers by feeding them with Prestashop back in stock notifications. Don't let them any miss any deals on your store. Help them in getting their favorite products with Back in Stock Updates.  

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  11. Buy the product on addon store:
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