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Prestashop Product Size Chart Addon by Knowband

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Being an immense issue of product size, Prestashop store owners can easily boost customer’s confidence, improve sales ratio of the website, and minimize product return request by displaying a perfect size chart on product listings pages of their website. Product Size Chart addon offered by Knowband allows the Prestashop eCommerce store owners to create attractive size chart and add them through mapping to the product page of the website. This kind of pop up helps customers in making purchase decisions easily.

Thus the Prestashop product size chart addon boosts the customer’s confidence and improves sales on the eCommerce store. The online customers can view the size charts just by clicking the size chart link. The Prestashop product size table plugin offers smooth and flawless functioning. The e-merchant can easily showcase the size chart on the product page of the website.


1.Prestashop Product Size chart allows eCommerce store admin an easy configuration of the size charts without any hassle.

2.Size guide addon for Prestashop owners is very easy to install and configure.

3.Prestashop Size Chart Popup extension is highly customizable from the backend of the interface.

4.Prestashop size catalog extension displays size chart pop-up on the product pages for various products and their categories.

5.Prestashop store admin doesn’t need to make any changes in the codes.

6.Prestashop Size Chart link module provides customers a user-friendly interface.

7.Prestashop size catalog extension provides the option to add images, guidelines or any HTML content related to the size chart pop up.

8.With Prestashop size guide addon, Size chart guides for a particular product category, a single product, or a brand manufacturer.

9.Prestashop product size table allows addition of multiple rows and columns to size charts as per user requirement.

10.Prestashop Product Size chart module offers multi-store compatibility and multi-lingual support.

11.Prestashop product size table allows ecommerce merchants to create multiple size charts according to store requirements and map them with multiple products available on the store.

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