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Knowband's OpenCart Google Shopping Integration: Benefit your online store with Google Shopping feature

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OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module by Knowband allows OpenCart online store owners to create and manage product feeds on Google's SERP. Using this integration, store merchants can easily promote their store products according to market requirements. OpenCart to Google Shopping Integration is the best possible way to lure users to buy products and thus increases website traffic. The OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronization extension integrates and list the products in Google Merchant Center without any hassle.

Google Shopping is one of the best alternative to promote products of different stores. Using OpenCart Google Shopping plugin, store owners need not to pay a fixed commission, but have to pay an upfront fee or biding amount. The online shoppers will be directed straight to e-commerce website from the feed available on Google's SERP. Google shopping needs two platforms: AdWords account and Google Merchant Center account. Google Merchant Center deals with product feed management while AdWords manages shopping campaign through deciding budgets and biding. OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer maps product categories as well as product attributes with corresponding Google categories and attributes. OpenCart store owners can upload the products manually as well as through scheduled cron jobs.

Merchant Benefits Offered by OpenCart Google Shopping Integration plugin:

  1. OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator offers store owners an easy category mapping procedure. The Google’s category can be mapped with the store’s product category in just a button click.

  2. Google Shopping OpenCart Integration module allows OpenCart store admin facility to unmap the categories easily if required.

  3. Once the categories are mapped, the products belonging to those categories are listed automatically. The listed products can be removed easily from the back-end of the OpenCart Google Shopping Connector plugin.

  4. Even if the products are removed from the lists, they can be brought back if needed by online merchants.

  5. Product feeds can be synchronized and managed manually or automatically with the help of cron jobs in OpenCart Google Shopping Connector plugin.

  6. Through Synchronization feature of Google Shopping OpenCart Integrator, it becomes easy for store admin to map the attributes of the store with that of Google.

  7. OpenCart Google Shopping Integration plugin allows store owners to schedule cron jobs to work automatically and these cron jobs could be tracked easily.

  8. Google Shopping OpenCart Feed Synchronization plugin allows store owners to download product feeds whenever needed.

  9. OpenCart to Google Shopping Integration extension enables store merchants to add shipping cost and taxes for the products easily from the back end interface.

  10. OpenCart Google Shopping Integration plugin offers multi-lingual support to online store. OpenCart store owner can select the country and corresponding language for managing product feed.

  11. With the help of the profile-based product listing, the inventory of the site can be uploaded at the marketplace in bulk. OpenCart store owners can also remove the products in bulk from Google's SERP.

  12. OpenCart Google Shopping Integration plugin allows store owners to exclude products which are out of stock, or remained unidentified or below a fixed price.

  13. There are various utm parameters present for tracking website traffic from the back end of plugin.

  14. OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module makes easier for the OpenCart store merchants to increase customer engagements and also drives heavy traffic to their website.

  15. OpenCart to Google Shopping Integration plugin has audit log which keeps track and status of all the scheduled corn jobs.

  16. OpenCart store admin can enable/disable any existing profile or feed if required from the back end interface.

Customer Benefits of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration:

  1. The product ads on Google available through OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module helps customers in finding their desired products directly on the top of Google’s SERP.

  2. The customers can easily compare the price of the products and find the best option available for themselves with the help of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration plugin.

  3. The customer can access product directly just by clicking on the product feed available on Google search engine result page.

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