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Prestashop Abandoned Cart(Email Follow Up) Addon by Knowband

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The active role of a Prestashop abandoned cart extension by Knowband comes into the lime-light when a customer leaves the site after adding some products to their cart and without making a payment. After a while time, it is assumed that the abandoned cart from your site. In the meantime, Prestashop abandoned cart module is one of the ways that can help the eCommerce store merchant trace the customer behavior effortlessly. With the help of this Prestashop email follow up addon, the admin can reduce the cart abandoned and works to recover the lost sales.

Key features of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon:

  1. The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow-up addon by Knowband offers the admin to track the guest and registered customer cart abandoned details.
  2. The Admin can track the uncompleted orders form the back office of the Prestashop email follow up addon.
  3. The Store admin can offer the discount and non-discount coupon the customers, who left the checkout page, with special discounts and offers;
  4. The Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon by Knowband send either automatic reminders or individual e-mails right through the module admin panel.

Features of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon:

  1. The Prestashop abandoned cart addon by Knowband allows the admin to set the time period after which the cart is assumed abandoned.

  2. The Send multiple customer follow-up emails and attach coupons with discount offers.

  3. The Admin can enable the auto email option after enabling the option the Prestashop email follow up addon send the automatical email follow up to the customer.

  4. The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow-up addon provides the test mode option the store merchant. The Admin can test the module without making it live.

  5. The Prestashop abandoned cart addon offers the readymade email template that is fully customized. The Admin can customize the email subject and text form the back-end of the Prestashop reduce cart abandonment addon.

  6. Prestashop Abandoned cart addon has a separate tab to check how many carts are actually converted after sending follow-up emails.

  7. This Prestashop Email Follow up addon by Knowband offers Interactive Pie charts and Bar Charts to compare the Abandoned cart and Converted carts.

  8. This Knowband Prestashop reduce cart abandoned addon is fully mobile responsive.

Merchant Benefits of Prestashop Abandoned cart addon

  1. Sends personalized cart reminders to your customers.
  2. Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder leads to an increase in the site conversions.
  3. Abandoned Cart emails give the best way to re-engage your old or existing customers.
  4. Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder set ups your easy and quick communication with the customers.
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