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Magento Return Manager Extension by Knowband

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The Magento Product Return Manager extension by Knowband is most popular and demanded extension in eCommerce stores. It has lots of rich functionality that makes this Magento extension is good.

This Magento return manager extension enables the store admin to manage the customer return/refund/replacement request in an easy manner. This is a very flexible plugin and the customer can return any product in a order completely or partially, that means the customer can also return half or less quantity of any product in the order.

Magento Return Manager Extension Features :

  1. This Magento return manager is fully responsive and easy to handle.
  2. The Online retailers can allow the guest customers to generate the RMA.
  3. Easy interaction between buyer and admin.
  4. The Magento return manager allows the store admin to create the own return policy.
  5. The Online buyers can upload RMA images with the help of this Magento product return manager extension.
  6. The Admin can set order status for customer return request.
  7. The Magento store admin can manage RMA status as well as Reasons from the admin panel of the Knowband Magento return manager extension.
  8. The Admin and buyer both can receive notification mail.

The Benefit of the Admin:

  1. This Magento return manager extension notifies the owners time to time when the online shoppers raise the query for product return and refund.

  2. This Magento product return manager offers simple and compatible interface, where the customer can use their mobile phone as well in order to initiate the return process.

  3. The Store admin can engage the more customer to the website.

  4. This Magento return manager extension is mobile responsive as well, so the customers can have the option to raise the return request using the mobile phone and tablet.

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