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Magento Android/iOS Mobile App Builder by Knowband

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Knowband has revolutionized the eCommerce scenario with the robust and efficient Magento Mobile App Builder extension for Android and iOS. The Magento mobile app builder extension promises to take the burden off your shoulder. The eCommerce mobile app is developed by our team of skilled and experienced developers. The APK file of the Android and iOS eCommerce mobile app will be delivered to the merchants that can be used to post it on the various app stores.

The Magento Mobile App Builder is a pocket-friendly framework which seamlessly upgrades your eCommerce web store into mobile application. You don't need to indulge in any kind of coding technicalities while getting your app developed. You just require to pay one time payment and even get three months of support from the Knowband. Developed mobile application comes with advanced features which makes the app management easy for store admin. Also, these features enhances the store's reach to mobile-based users.

Features offered by Magento mobile app builder extension:

Magento Mobile App creator offers numerous amazing features in mobile applications. Some of them are -

  1. Customizable themes and fonts: A bundle of themes and fonts are provided in mobile apps through which you can easily match the app theme with the website theme. These themes and fonts can be customized from the back-end interface of Magento iOS mobile app builder.

  2. No code required: Zero coding expertise is required from store admin's end in Magento mobile app maker. Magento mobile app maker handles all the technical and development part.

  3. Full design control: Store admin is given full access to design control of the Magento eCommerce mobile app creator module which makes it easy to use and understand.

  4. Tablet and mobile optimization: Developed mobile applications support multiple screen sizes which makes them work flawlessly on every handheld device as mobile, tablet, iPhone or iPads.

  5. Real time synchronization: Mobile applications and web store are synchronized with each other in real time. Information is directly fetched between them.

  6. Multi-lingual and RTL support: These mobile apps support both multiple languages and RTL writing styles. This brings the people from different ethnicity towards your web store.

  7. Multiple shipping and payment method support: Various reliable payment and shipping methods are supported in mobile application which makes product purchase and delivery hassle-free.

  8. All types of product support: Different sorts of product types as single, bundled, virtual and configurable are supported in mobile applications. Store admin can easily sell any product with these mobile applications.

  9. Quick social login: Facebook and Google+ accounts are provided by Magento eCommerce mobile app builder to make the app login and registration process seamless for users.

  10. Uncluttered app UI: Mobile apps by Magento mobile apps for android and iOS have layered navigation which makes the product search hassle free for users.

  11. Voice Search feature: Voice search feature is incorporated in mobile apps by Magento android/iOS mobile app builder allowing the users to search products through their voice commands.

  12. Wish list: Wish list functionality is incorporated in the mobile applications allowing the users to bookmark items for future purchase.

  13. One page checkout: Magento eCommerce mobile app maker provides simplified checkout approach on a single page. It allows the users to place the order with the least effort.

  14. Zopim chat support: 24/7 Zopim chat support is provided by Magento eCommerce mobile app creator which allows the store admin to directly assist customers through application.

  15. Order tracking: Placed order can be easily tracked through Magento android mobile app builder. It reduces the user's insecurity regarding the product purchase .

  16. Unlimited push notification: Magento android/iOS mobile app creator provides push notification service which enhances your user's reach for any store's deal or offerings.

  1. Magento eCommerce app maker User Manual Link:

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Posted By: Alexferguson on April 25, 2018

Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowland is the most effortless approach to change over your Magento eCommerce store into a completely useful portable application. With them-trade industry blasting right now, it is advantageous for each eCommerce organization to put resources into a portable application. Since the online customers have such huge numbers of alternatives to browse, standing separate from the opposition is must and an application can help you the genuinely necessary edge. The Android/iOS versatile application developer can help the store administrator tap this market slant. Best essay writer uk

Posted By: ashleykoree on July 21, 2018

Yes Magento is helpful platform for android mobile.

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Posted By: kevinngatess92 on August 7, 2018

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Posted By: aamandabyness92 on August 7, 2018

Mobile app builder for android and ios converts your Magento website right into a whole cellular app. With an extremely good interface and functions, the cellular shop lets in you to faucet the larger target audience. The intuitive backend of the extension to manage the shop allows the admin to touch up their utility - Visit for more about Best Essay Writing Website

Posted By: nathandrakee1987 on August 9, 2018

You can additionally assess their standard rating (nine.0 for Magento vs. Eight.Zero for Knowland cell app builder) and normal purchaser satisfaction stage (ninety% for Magento vs. N/a% for Knowland mobile app builder). Spend a while and compare your quality options and find out which one is ideal for your organization. You have to also investigate the software dealer’s business viability; are they dependable and could they nevertheless be running within the destiny? In case you want to speedy find the satisfactory buying cart software in line with our experts we advise you have a look at any such solutions: win, 3dcart, shopify -

Posted By: williamjames on August 11, 2018

This Magento App Builder is a completely functional and useful mobile native application(iOS/Android) for the online stores which is based on Magento platform. You just need to do is, design or configure your store with the application and it is ready to be utilized by your clients.

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Posted By: davisondaisy on August 17, 2018

Mobile App Builder for Magento is a completely useful portable local application (iOS/Android) for the online stores in light of Magento stage. You should simply, design your store with the application and it is prepared to be used by your clients.

Posted By: davisondaisy on August 17, 2018

Mobile App Builder for Magento is a completely useful portable local application (iOS/Android) for the online Essay Writing Online stores in light of Magento stage. You should simply, design your store with the application and it is prepared to be used by your clients.

Posted By: emmaferris on August 17, 2018

The native mobile app will request the URL of the image from the backend and then load and display it in any content used by the appropriate Activity iOS. Android can also build activities dynamically, so the backend pay to do assignment can be rendered XML that is rendered as active.

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