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Magento Ajax Cart Extension by Knowband

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Magento Ajax Cart Extension removes unnecessary page reloads during adding the products to the cart. This Magento popup cart displays a responsive popup when the user clicks on “Add to Cart” button. The popup contains all the information about the products. With the help of this Magento Ajax Cart Extension, the users can instantly view the estimated cost of the products, remove the products from cart, modify the cart products quantity etc on the popup. After adding the products to the cart, the user can select continue shopping or checkout.

Functionalities of the Magento popup cart extension:

  1. The Magento add to cart popup extension offers fully customizable interface. The e-merchants can customize the Magento ajax cart extension according to his choice.

  2. The Magento ajax cart popup extension offers the store owners to display the “Apply Coupon” field on the popup so that users can apply the coupon code here without going to the shopping cart page.

  3. The Magento add to cart popup extension allows the e-merchants to show the contact email option on the popup. If the user has any question or concern then they can contact the support team from here.

4.The Magento cart popup extension offers the admin to show the Top selling items on the website on the pop-up cart page.

  1. Every time, user make any changes to the cart then it reloads the web-page. But this Magento ajax cart extension reduces the page reloads during any of these activities and saves user’s time.

  2. The Magento add to cart ajax popup extension allows the admin to display the offer banners on the popup. The admin can display the maximum of two banners at a time.

  3. The Magento ajax cart popup extension helps the admin boosting the up-sell of the website by displaying the top-selling products on the popup.

  4. The Magento popup cart extension supports multi-language.

  5. The Magento ajax add to cart extension is SSL compatible.

  6. The Magento popup cart module supports multi-language.

  7. The Magento ajax cart popup extension is SSL compatible.


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