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Magento Auto Subscribe (Email Subscription Pop up) Extension by Knowband

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If you are an eCommerce store admin and want to increase the count of email subscribers on your store then the Magento auto subscribe extension can help you. This Magento newsletter pop up is actually an email subscribe module which can automatically subscribe the store visitors while checkout or Registration. You can also set a subscription box as a pop-up or contact form. Thus the store visitors can easily subscribe to the email newsletter.


1.Easy to install, configure and use.

2.Highly customizable.

3.No code changes required for implementation.

4.Offers a user-friendly interface.

5.Mobile responsive layout.

6.Compatible with all themes.

7.The Magento auto subscribe extension allows the store admin to showcase a subscription form on the website store.

8.The Magento email subscribe module automatically subscribe the customers while checkout or Registration.

9.The Magento mail chimp extension allows setting the position of the subscription form.

10.The Magento email subscription popup allows the admin to manage the look and feel of the subscription form.

11.The store owner can display a success message after subscription.

12.The Magento email newsletter extension allows the e-merchant to send personalized email to the customers.

13.The highly customizable email template is available for sending an email.

14.newsletter pop up for Magento offers MailChimp and constant contact support.

15.The admin can automatically synchronize admin’s Magento newsletter list with one of the Constant Contact lists.

16.The Magento MailChimp Integration automatically updates the mailing list when a new user subscribes.

17.The email newsletter extension allows the e-merchant to include jQuery also.

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  13. Please contact us at for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.

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