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Magento Walmart Integration Extension by Knowband

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Magento Walmart integrator is a Magento extension tailored by Knowband to help the store admin sell their products at By establishing the synchronization of the products, orders and other related details, the Magento Walmart Integration enables seamless trading. The eCommerce store owners can manage the two stores with utmost convenience with the help of the automated approach of Walmart Magento Integration extension.

Admin Benefits offered by Knowband’s Magento Walmart Integration extension

Magento Walmart integrator offers real-time synchronization between the store and the marketplace.

The robust Walmart Magento integrator offers easy bulk management. The store admin can upload the products and their variations in bulk by creating N number of profiles.

The cron jobs offered by Magento Walmart integration plugin allows the admin to relist the products. The admin can even update or delete the inventory from the marketplace.

The profile-based listing offered by Walmart Magento integration module even offers an easy means for the store admin to map the attributes and the categories.

Based on the marketplace order, the cron jobs of the Magento Walmart integration extension will create similar orders in your store. The order can then be processed from a single interface.

Even the order status can be updated in the marketplace by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart connector.

The Walmart Magento connector offers easy error tracking and feed management.

The Magento extension by Knowband comes with a free support of three months.

  1. Magento Walmart Integration Extension User Manual:
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Posted By: denstein on December 24, 2018

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