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search and replace across multiple files with Perl

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A couple of useful snippets from an article I found at

Perl search-and-replace on the command line.

All of these should be usable under Cygwin as well. But remember that bash wants single-quoted strings but MS-DOS shell wants strings to be double-quoted.

  1. #print the result of search-and-replace to the terminal
  2. perl -pe 's/bart/milhouse/g' test.html
  4. #search-and-replace, with backup
  5. #leave the suffix off of -i to overwrite
  6. perl -i.bak -pe 's/bart/milhouse/g' test.html
  8. #echo the number of lines in a file
  9. perl -lne 'END { print $t } @w = /(\w+)/g; $t += @w' test.html
  11. #cat file with line numbers
  12. # -p prints $_ each iteration
  13. perl -pe '$_ = "$. = $_"' test.html
  16. # recursive search-and-replace, only on shells that support file globs
  17. perl -i.bak -pe 's{bart}{milhouse}' **/*html

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