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backup rsync configuration jumpdrive

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back up my thumb drive

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  1. #assuming a windows box with Cygwin installed:
  2. #save new code
  3. rsync -a --delete /cygdrive/e/cb /cygdrive/c/nsussman_thumb_drive/cb
  4. #whatever is currently in environment
  5. rsync -a --delete /cygdrive/e/environment /cygdrive/c/nsussman_thumb_drive/environment
  6. #.emacs, .abbrev-defs
  7. rsync -a --delete /cygdrive/c/.* /cygdrive/c/nsussman_thumb_drive/environment
  8. #.bashrc, .profile, .history
  9. rsync -a --delete ~/.*
  10. #emacs modules
  11. rsync -a --delete /cygdrive/c/emacs/site-lisp /cygdrive/c/nsussman_thumb_drive/environment/emacs/site-lisp

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