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CSS Attribute Selectors

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Attribute selectors let you target an element based on its attributes. You can specify the element’s attribute only, so all the elements that have that attribute — whatever the value — within the HTML will be targeted, or be more specific and target elements that have particular values on their attributes — and this is where attribute selectors show their power.

  1. [att=value]
  2. /* The attribute has to have the exact value specified. */
  4. [att~=value]
  5. /* The attribute�s value needs to be a whitespace separated list of words (for example, class=�title featured home�), and one of the words is exactly the specified value. */
  7. [att|=value]
  8. /* The attribute�s value is exactly �value� or starts with the word �value� and is immediately followed by �-�, so it would be �value-�. */
  10. [att^=value]
  11. /* The attribute�s value starts with the specified value. */
  13. [att$=value]
  14. /* The attribute�s value ends with the specified value. */
  16. [att*=value]
  17. /* The attribute�s value contains the specified value. */

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