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Complete list of keyboard commands for the New York Times' Article Skimmer

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Since I am researching the NYT Article Skimmer anyhow, I thought I would share the complete list of keyboard commands, as extracted from the JavaScript source.

Note that W enables 'single page application' mode for uber-ajaxiness :)

  1. Refresh the current feed: "R"
  2. Enable Single Screen Mode: "W"
  3. Escape closes an article
  5. Move down list of sources: Down Arrow, Space Bar
  6. Move up list of sources: Up Arrow, Shift+Space Bar
  7. Jump directly to the Homepage Feed: "H"
  8. Enable key entry: Press and hold "A"
  9. Enable Section key entry: Press and hold "S"
  10. Gather number keys entered in key entry mode: "0-9"
  11. Select the entered number in key entry mode: Release "A"
  12. Select the entered number in Section mode: Relaease "S"

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