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Detect the first and last iteration of a loop in Ruby

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It's great that, at the times I really need it, I can ask for Ruby help on #nyc.rb:

 <capn_bluebeard> how can I detect the first or last iteration of a loop in
                  Ruby or Rails?                       
 <fhwang> what sort of loop? an array loop?
 <fhwang> or something else?
 <harrisj> f == array.first?
 <fhwang> in case of an array you want #each_with_index
 <capn_bluebeard> yah each_with_index would do it, thanks much 
 <capn_bluebeard> I'm looping through an array printing LIs and I want to apply
                  css classes to the first and last LIs respectively
  1. - @random_pubs[0..3].each_with_index do |pub, count|
  2. %li{:class => (count > 0 ? (count == 3 ? 'last' : '') : 'first')}
  3. .description= pub.desc

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