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Growl support for Aquamacs Emacs

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This is what I had to do in order to get reliable Growl support in Aquamacs 1.7

Requires Growlnotify (included with Growl, in the extras folder).

  1. ;; Growl support
  2. ;;; Requires growlnotify, source for which is included in the Growl disk image
  3. ;;; Note that the growlnotify --image option is not reliable on OSX 10.5
  4. ;;; see
  6. ;;; Wrapper for growlnotify
  7. (defun growl-chat (title message &optional sticky)
  8. (interactive "sTitle: \nsGrowl: ")
  9. (shell-command
  10. (format "/usr/local/bin/growlnotify %s -m '%s' --appIcon 'Aquamacs Emacs' %s" title message (if sticky "--sticky" ""))))
  12. ;;; Sticky notifications
  13. (defun growl-chat-sticky (title message)
  14. (interactive "sTitle: \nsGrowl: ")
  15. (growl-chat title message t))
  17. ;;; Growl nicknames and highlight words when they are mentioned
  18. ;;;; Nickname notifications are sticky
  19. (add-hook 'erc-text-matched-hook
  20. (lambda (match-type nickuserhost message)
  21. (when (and
  22. (boundp 'nick)
  23. (not (string= nick "ChanServ"))
  24. (not (string= nick "services.")))
  25. (cond
  26. ((eq match-type 'current-nick)
  27. (growl-chat-sticky (format "%s said %s" nick (erc-current-nick)) message))
  28. ((eq match-type 'keyword)
  29. (growl-chat (format "%s mentioned a Keyword" nick) message))))))

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