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Requires "Guava lib", as well as the main dependencies listed in the above link:

  • gdata-youtube-2.0.jar
  • gdata-core-2.0.jar
  • gdata-media-2.0.jar
  • gdata-client-2.0.jar
  • mail.jar

Then configure your API_KEY and APP configs:

Then you should be able to search YouTube from a Native cross-platform JAVA desktop app; after this, next steps are to:

  1. Test searches and ensure its working well.
  2. Integrate Tidy HTML parsing and generate YouTube tags.
  3. Setup lightweight HTML file to accept video IDs as parameter and render a player:
  4. Integrate WebRenderer: (or other embedded J2EE broswer)
  5. Test playback of video in Embedded Browser, Mobile support, (see BB demos, etc):
  6. Integrate with BlogOfBug's JCarousel:
  7. Find inspiration to finish OpenRecommender!!!!!!!

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