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michellebracken on 08/18/11


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min-height fix for IE

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Sadly IE still doesn’t comply with min-height. However it does treat the height property as though it was min-height. Knowing that, we can sort of get min-height working in Internet Explorer.

The first line above sets the min-height for non-IE browsers. The last line essentially sets min-height in IE as IE will treat height as we expect it to treat min-height. The middle line above is to ensure that non-IE browsers don’t use 500px as the height of the element. Using !important will override the height declaration below in all browsers, except IE. Another way to target IE only is to use _height. Only IE6 will treat _height as height. All other browsers will ignore it. You have to specify _heightafter any height declaration as IE will use whichever comes last.

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