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My interest in computers began at the age of 3, when I would type all the words I knew how to spell into GWBasic. In elementary school I taught myself HTML. In high school I learned Visual Basic, CSS, and ASP. I continued to study computers and programming at the post-secondary level, where I learned Delphi, Ada, C, Java, and SQL. I have since taught myself XHTML and PHP. I am still learning PHP, and I recently started learning VB.NET and applying it make the transition to ASP.NET Career-wise, I spent three years as a programmer writing a custom ERP system for a small local company that does business all across Canada and the United States. They went through some hard times and laid off many employees, including me. I spent the following year working as a mobile IT guy for an even smaller local company and did contract work for IBM on the side. The part-time lifestyle was fun at first, but eventually I grew tired of not knowing whether it was safe to watch a DVD without being interrupted, so I made a(n overly) drastic career change and spent half a year working in a warehouse as a shipper/receiver and forklift driver. Long story short, there were some conflicts and I decided to get out of there. I now work as an analyst for a medium-size manufacturing company that does business internationally.


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  1. FAVJoining the same table on different columns

    SQL join
    posted on November 10, 2008 by Scooter
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